SUPER FUN HAPPY TIME with DNN's Hurt Reynolds and Mercy Less.

 At The Great Southern Slam, BK and Mic were fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with Derby News Network's driving force, derby power couple, and two really lovely people; Hurt Reynolds and Mercy Less.  Having a chat with these folks automatically made it a Super Fun Happy Time.

It's too late now to donate to their TGSS drive, but DNN is always looking for donations.  So if you want to show your appreciation for the tireless work they put in to bring derby to the masses you can always donate to keep them going by heading to the contribution page and doing just that.

You can download this episode directly by right clicking on the link below and choosing “Save Link As”. Or simply use the embedded player to listen to it in your browser. If you download through iTunes don't forget to rate and review.


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