VLD! Super Fun Happy Time - Bringin' It Back on SWR FM with Johnny Bones

We have a very different episode of VLD! Super Fun Happy Time for dat ass. Last week BK and Noms were invited to guest program a radio show called Bringin' It Back on SWR FM 99.9 with DJ Johnny Bones. The theme for the show is to pick songs that bring back special memories or have a special meaning to the us, so this is a very music heavy episode. Listen to some of BK's and Noms' favourite songs; embarrassingly bad, to some all time classics and hear the reason behind why they love them or hatelove them so much. We also talk a little bit about derby.  Big thanks to Johnny Bones for having us on. We had a tonne of fun.

Checkout the SWR FM website at www.swrfm.com.au and like their Facebook Page.

Let us know what you think of the episode and if you want us to do more random things every now and then.

Download that good shit HERE