VLD! 5x5 Round 1

VIVALADERBY! are pleased as punch to start a new off shoot of your beloved Australian Roller Derby Podcast.  We're going niche and doing a podcast wholly dedicated to the 5x5 Roller Derby Championship.  BK, Noms, and Ann O'War welcome HARD's Lisbeth Slammed-Her and CCRG's Kiki Chaos to join in on the party. We analyse the five teams making up the competition and preview the Round 1 matchups.

For those of you mad VLD! fans that could give zero shits about 5x5, never fear; VLD! the regular edition will be up very soon with Episode 20 for your ear holes.  We've got a Super Fun Happy time in the can to come out soon and continuing on with the niche theme. we're also going to have a podcast for QLD's Open Season competition.  It's all happening in 2013 and VIVALADERBY!  want to cover it all.

Download that good shit HERE.

For more info on 5x5 go to 5x5derby.com.